Home Comfort Program Application

  • This system check will include the following:

    A. Residential Cooling Inspection
    1. Check Freon Charge
    2. Check and clean air filters
    3. Clean indoor and outdoor coils
    4. Lubricate indoor and outdoor fan motor
    5. Check belt adjustment

    B. Heat Pumps
    1. An inspection includes A/C checkup (above) plus Heating Checkup
    2. Check Freon charge
    3. Check and clean air filters
    4. Clean indoor coils
    5. Tighten electrical connections
    6. Check incoming voltage
    7. Check compressor and fan amps
    8. Test defrost controls and sensors
    9. Test lockout controls
    10. Check sensor calibrations
    11. Check backup heat
    12. Check overloads and safety’s
    13. Check and adjust thermostat

    C. A/C With Gas Heat
    1. Once a year inspection includes A.C checkup (above)
    2. Heating Inspection for gas furnace
    3. Check and clean air filters
    4. Check blower wheel
    5. Check and adjust belts
    6. Check gas pressure
    7. Check and clean burners
    8. Check thermocouple
    9. Check ignition controls
    10. Check venting/flue piping
    11. Check condense drains
    12. Check pressure switches
    13. Check electronic controls
    14. Check all safety controls
    15. Check thermostat calibration

    D. For inquires on oil furnaces, please call our office.

    Terms and Conditions

    By making partial or full payment for this System Check, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions:

    1. This agreement will be subject to prior Foust Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. inspection and approval of customer’s heating and air equipment as suitable for inclusion.
    2. This agreement covers only the system check; it does not include any labor on repair or materials.
    3. If any repairs on heating and cooling equipment are needed during the time of this system check, there will be a discount off our normal list prices. This is a 10 to 15 percent discount, depending on the repair.
    4. Normal business hours for this System Check will be Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm. This agreement does not include overtime for after hours, weekends or holidays.
    5. There will be no refunds on this System Check if you move, sell your home or replace your current system. If you sell your home, this agreement will transfer to the new owners of the home, and cover any remaining cleanings on the HVAC system. If you replace your current system the remaining cleanings on this agreement will be transferred to the new HVAC system.
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  • This agreement is to include two cleanings a year.

    In the event that this contract is canceled or terminated, Contractor agrees to provide 30 days prior written notice of cancellation or termination to the above listed address.
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