No two houses are the same so why should there be cookie cutter duct work? The answer is simply that there should never be. Ductwork is one of the most overlooked and under appreciated parts of your HVAC system! Over time mold and mildew can build up in your ducts allowing for poor air quality in your home. A poorly designed and more common a poorly sealed duct system can mean greater out of of pocket expense for you as you heat and cool your crawlspace or attic. And a system will never operate efficiently unless the size of the duct is matched correctly with heating and air system attached too it!

We at Foust take great pride and are known for our quality duct systems. In fact we have a full time metal fabricator that makes and helps design the perfect duct system for your home. We start with raw metal sheets and fabricate them into the correct size and shapes to not only fit your individual home but to maximize the cfm (cupic feet per minute) to make your duct system as efficient as possible too!





We also totally seal and insulate all parts of your duct system, not just the big parts. For instance take the boots! These are the part of the duct system that fit in your floor or ceiling that grills fit into and supply your home with conditioned air. Foust is one of the only companies that does this with every job we do! Some companies might say it is not necessary. We have decided to take care of the weakest link!

In the first picture you will see what you get with most other companies. At Foust we take a couple extra steps. First we seal all the seams of the duct as shown in the middle picture then we insulated all pieces as you see in the last picture. It is just that little bit extra that we always do to provide you with Honest, Reliable Dependable Service!