The days of “One Size Fits All” and quotes over the phone are gone! Or at least they should be! At Foust Heating & Air Conditioning we do things the RIGHT way! First you will meet Mike or David our Comfort Specialist. It is their job to listen to you and asses your comfort level needs. A lot more goes into a new system than just its size! Are some rooms hotter or colder than the rest of the house? Do you have allergies or problems with dust? What about the noise level of your current system and possible placement of a new unit? Then they will methodically inspects your home not only looking at your old system, but checking the electrical capacity of your home, condition of the duct system, checking for adequate supply and return registers and performing a load calculation just to name a few.

A load calculation helps determine what size unit you and your household will require and is a very important key in selecting your new system. All HAVAC contractors are required to perform a load calculation but few do. The systems designed today are very energy efficient and a 3 ton system used today may handle what your old 3 ½ ton unit did in the past while still saving you money!

Energy efficiency is another topic we will discuss with you. Do I need a 13 Seer, 16, Seer, 20 Seer? Should I go with a heat pump, gas furnace, or even a hybrid? There is a lot that goes into making your decision and David or Mike will provide the answers to all your questions as well as informing you of any specials and financing options. It is important to us at Foust Heating & Air Conditioning to educate you on all the different factors and features of todays equipment so you can make an informed decision when you purchase! This is an investment not only for you home but your day to day comfort as well and we will help make sure you choose the right system for you!